Sovereign Complexities is a blog dedicated to discussing issues that impact the defense industry. It intends to sit at the cross-section of defense policy and developments in technology. Started by @mbgrinberg Sovereign Complexities is a place for curation – a forum where the blog’s contributors can develop and share ideas that have either formed as a response to current events or have been brewing for a while and need an avenue.

Sovereign Complexities – while a blog – will evolve. There is an abundance of security policy or strategy focused blogs. Some are exceptionally good. The goal of Sovereign Complexities is to provide that industry and emerging technology focus to the security debate that has at times been missing. Defense industries are sovereign and complex systems that are governed by different laws and market forces. Their economic impact and influence is at times front and center, but too often goes unnoticed outside of national capitals. This forum is about noticing and discussing. SC will develop and evolve. Jump on. Add. Participate!

The thoughts, opinions, and ideas posted on this blog (Sovereign Complexities) are of the contributors alone. These views do not represent the official or unofficial position of the respective employers or any other organization, group, or institution that this blog’s contributors may be associated with.



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